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Khan's Garden

Khan's Garden is a garden and resting corner located in Ganja,Azerbaijan.

Javad Khan, a member of the Qajar dynasty, and the last khan of the Ganja khanate from 1786 to 1804, was a naturalist. The name of the garden is related to his name. He had a 52 hectare garden. He would order rare trees from merchants traveling to the city. Foreign guests would also bring him different trees and flowers.

Part of the garden went to Ganja Fortress that Turkish warlord Serdar Ferhad Pasha erected in 1588. Actually it was assumed that the garden was also made by Serdar Ferhad Pasha in 1582. The battle of Javad Khan's squad for Russians was also there. Therefore,Mikhail Semyonovich Vorontsov decided to eradicate the garden from the earth along with the Ganja Fortress.